Welcome 2023

PS: The Gay Camp is in 2023 a 6 days camp. 

Every summer a gay camp is held on a Danish island. The 2023 camp will take place from Saturday July 29th to Friday August 5th - 2023 on the island of Omø in The Great Belt off Sealand. The camp is further described in the following pages. We can assure you that this is a great opportunity to meet Danish (and hopefully other) gay men.

NEW: In 2018 a toilet trailer with water flush toilets connected to public sewers was installed in the camp. We also have gas heated hot water shower for a number of years. 

Corona information: We are observing the nessecary precautions given by the Danish authorities. The precise rules for summer 2023 is first exptected to be known up to camp start.

Tickets are on sale here:

TICKETS SALE IS EXPECTED TO START AROUND APRIL 1ST, 2023. (precise information will be updated here) 

Tickets are awilable for (4 days during the camp period) at, extra days can be purchased during the camp at the camp site. The 2022 price is 160 DKK. per. night, for more information contact us.

In 2022 the ticket types are youth: 15-24 years, and gays aged 25 years and older will have to buy adult ticket. We count the number of days as the number of nights you stay at our camp.