The camp site consists of a range of large old military tents (if you have watched the TV-series MASH you will know what we mean).

There are :

•  4 sleeping tents, each with room for about 20. Normally the number of participants in the camp is between 20 and 30, so
   there is plenty of room in the tents
•  Private tent park
•  Kitchen tent
•  A "dance tent" (an approx. 150 sqm large tent, which can be used for all kinds of activities)
•  A washing tent and gas heated hot water in the separate shower cabin. 
•  In 2018 we got modern water flushing toilets - just like at home with public sewers and what not. 

Omø is situated in Storebælt (The Great Belt), a 40 minutes ferry ride from Stigsnæs, south west of the town of Skælskør. The size of the island is 4.5 square kilometres and the population is about 170. The island has marvellous scenery and the camp is situated in all this beauty just by its own beach.

There is more about the island (in Danish) on the on Omø's own network

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