There are some prejudices among people who haven't participated in a gay camp before. Some of them you can get rid of here.

A gay camp is NOT:
  • Guided tours and 'Mallorca-parties'  
Extravagant accommodation
  • Ready-to-eat meals from the restaurant of the hotel
Vegetarian food all week
  • Heated swimming pool with screaming kids
Active vacation if you don't want it (=lazy vacation)
  • Discotheques and bars, TV, radio and recorded music
Confined cities or sultry hotel rooms
  • Modern shower (but you can buy yourself one at the harbour if you wish so)
Expensive vacation
  • Electric light (actually, there is no electricity at all)
It's still like in the seventies or eighties: narcissism in consciousness-raising groups and coming-out groups

A gay camp is, among other things:
  • Trekking and/or biking around on the island for those who are interested
Primitive accommodation in a tent camp
  • Joint cooking and dishwashing, cold beers and perhaps the local stew ('biksemad') at the 'Perlen' restaurant
Meals with and without meat
  • Swimming from the camp's 'own' stony beach and no kids
Active vacation if you want it
  • Live music and songs in the gleam of the kerosene lamps (remember to bring your instrument). Maybe a bonfire in the evening
Light, air and sea, revealing quietness
  • Gas heated shower in camp
Probably the cheapest kind of vacation

  • Kerosene lamp cosiness, bottled gas for the cooking and freezing elements for the refrigerators and the beer cupboards
The vacation is what you make of it...And much more